Best iPhone Torrent Downloader App: iTransmission

iPhone Torrent Downloader App: We bet anyone and everyone is a fan of Torrents, and you must be using it regularly on your Mac or PC. Well, you must be wondering– is there a way to download torrents on your iPhone? Relax; it has become really easy now. Previously you would have got certain iPhone applications for downloading torrents; but those apps hardly worked on iOS 7 or above. With iTransmission Torrent downloader, it is really easy to download any torrent files, be it movies, games, music or applications from the any torrent hosts. Before we delve deep into the installation procedure of this app, let us tell you about the features of iTransmission 4. know all about iPhone Torrent Downloader App from here.

Features of iTransmission 4, the Best iPhone Torrent downloader app:

User Interface: Yes, we know the previous version of this app was too damn boring, but with this update of version 4, you shall feel a lot of improvements in the user experience.

The connections/port: This is identical to an actual torrent client, and you shall be able to set the number of ports you want active for every torrent. The maximum connections that you can make here is 80. One small note– according to iTransmission, a huge number of connections might make your device unstable. But this is applicable only up to iPhone 4; if you are using iPhone 4s or above, there won’t be any such instability within the device. this is the best feature of iPhone Torrent Downloader App

Upload limit: You shall also have the option of limiting upload speed/bandwidth that remains disabled by default. But if you have a very slow connection then you can enable it. 30kbps is the recommended speed for upload.

Download limit: Well, as you know, you wouldn’t mind to get as high as possible, so let it be as it is. this is another useful feature of iPhone Torrent Downloader App.

Network interface: Lastly, you shall have the feature to toggle between Wi-Fi Networks and Cellular networks. You can enjoy your preferred mode for downloading torrent files. The Wi-Fi network usually gets selected by default to get optimized speeds.

Steps to download iTransmission 4 Torrent downloader app for iPhone:

  1. iTransmission is undoubtedly the best torrent downloading application and you can attain it officially from the Big Boss repo. And yes, it is completely free. For downloading this application you need to add the Big Boss repository; and if you are having the Big Boss repository as default, then continue with the following steps for installing this free application.
  2. After the addition of Big Boss repo, you have to open the Cydia and tap on the search tab which is present at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Type “iTransmission 4” there within the search field and click on it.
  4. When the application appears on the next screen, then select “install” which is present at the top right corner. Now before installation is carried out, you will get a “confirm install” message. Click on confirm and carry on with the process.
  5. All you need to do now is to wait for the application to complete the download and get installed which would largely depend on your internet connectivity speed. And one final thing–  you may be required to restart your device before you can see the iTransmission icon popping up on your screen.


That’s it. You have installed the best application for downloading torrent files on your iPhone; it is time to check for some cool torrents. Let us know your favourite picks.