Pangu Download Jailbreak For iOS 10.3.2, 10.3.1, 10.2.1, 9.3.5

Pangu Download: Pangu download for ios devices is the most commonly used Jailbreak app used By the many iOS Device Users. Pangu download is best for the jail Breaking the ios device.  As every time you are coming up with an issue regards to app permissions, we thought to give the best solution for you. When some are enjoying paid apps on their iOS device using Jailbreak, the other was still worrying about the installation of those applications. All the people who are using the iOS device are not yet aware of Jailbreak and its features. Jailbreak helps to change app permissions, install or uninstall paid apps for free, block ads displayed on the screen. Many apps like 3Utools, greenpoisOn, Blackra1n have been serving us till the date, now here is the best Jailbreak app called Pangu download that lets you enjoy all the features provided with it. Similar to other Jailbreak apps, Pangu app download lets you perform any action on your iOS device with ease. All the Jailbreak applications did not work well on the iOS device, but Pangu app working on iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 and also the latest version iOS 11 beta has made everyone to know it’s worth. download pangu latest version directly for For iOS 10.3.2, 10.3.1, 10.2.1, 9.3.5 from here.

Download Pangu for iOS Latest Version:

Pangu Download Jailbreak app is available for all the versions of the iOS devices and people can install it easily by following the steps stated here. Apple.Inc. is coming up with various updates yearly and Jailbreak apps like Pangu are even more working hard to include the best features of the updated version. The response from the users made Pangu available for iOS 11 beta that has been released recently. Ios 9 Jailbreak was not that good as expected people have degraded it to iOS 8+ and used the same Pangu Jailbreak. After trying harder, Pangu team released the app again that could be compatible with iOS 7,9, 10+. Now you can enjoy downloading Pangu Jailbreak on your iOS device in the English version. pangu download runs fine with For iOS 10.3.2, 10.3.1, 10.2.1, 9.3.5 version devices.

Pangu Download

What is Pangu Download & Pangu Download For JailBreak:

Pangu Download ios is the most commonly used Jailbreak application in these days due to its features and the performance. This application has been released by Pangu Team from China for the first time in 2014 for iOS 7.1. This version is available only for Windows users in the Chinese Language. After the release of the app in the English version, it helped all the Mac users to download Pangu. Though it has been designed to enable all the app permissions on iOS 7.1, the latest updates made it available for all the versions. After performing many tests, it has been proved as the best application for Jailbreak. Pangu Jailbreak app is safe to use and will not spoil or damage your iPhone/ iPad. In fact, Pangu has been released unexpectedly and iOS users were in a stated of confusion whether to trust it or it. But it has given the best experience to the users and has successfully created a pretty good record among Jailbreak apps.

Steps To Download Pangu For Free:

  • Download the required version of Pangu Jailbreak that suits your iOS device version.
  • To download Pangu app on your device, visit
  • Now you will be directed to the original web page of Pangu download.
  • Tap on UP arrow button and then click on Add to Homescreen button.
  • Now you will send to another page where it shows the app name, rename it as Pangu.
  • Now tap on Add button which you see at the top on download Pangu page.
  • Press Home button and you can see Pangu app that is available in the Home apps.
  • Restart your device and reboot if asked so that you can enjoy using Pangu for iOS device.

The above is all about Pangu Jailbreak and how to download Pangu for iOS device. I think you have already gone through the steps that I have mentioned above to install Pangu app for your iOS device. Hope you have got all the required information regarding Pangu download and its download process. If you have any quires regarding Pangu app download for iOS device contact us by commenting below.