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HipStore iOS 10: Are you a game lover? Do you want to play games and but do not want to pay the money for that? Is this possible? Yes, all this is possible. You can download all those games which are paid on your IOS from the IOS store without paying a single penny for it. You just need to download the app HiPStore ios 10 and iOS 11 on your phone and you are done. You will get various apps and games for free. This article contains all the details regarding the features of HiPStore and how can you install this in your IOS 10 and iOS 11 Devices?

Features of HiPStore For iOS 10:

The latest update has come in the IOS market for IOS 10.1.1 and you must be wondering that when will jailbreak will introduce. No one can answer this question but this problem can be solved by HiPStore. Yes, HiPStore allows you to access all the paid apps and games for IOS for free and for installing this, you have no need to jailbreak your phone. So, you can use it for IOS 10.1.1. secondly, there are various other alternatives for HiPStore but there are some qualities of it which differentiate it from others are that you can change its language to English while other apps are available in Chinese and there is no need to download Cydia for it which is not allowed in the latest version of IOS 10.1.1. Moreover, the free content like apps, games, and ringtones is much more than that present in its other competitors. download hipstore for iOS compatible devices from here

Supported Devices of HiPStore:

This is the list of devices of IOS which support HiPStore:

  • iPad Mini, 2, 3
  • iPod Touch 6th Generation
  • iPhone 7 plus, 7, SE, 6S Plus, 6 Plus, 6, 5, 5C, 5S
  • iPad Pro – both models
  • iPad Air 2, Air
  • iPad 4
  • hipstore iOS10 Compatable devices

No need of Jailbreak:

You could be jailbreaking your phone to use the paid games and apps for free. But the good news is that now you no more need to jailbreak your phone to use the paid content of app store for free. Initially, you need to install Cydia in your phone and jailbreak it for accessing the paid apps and games for free and Cydia is not allowed in the latest version of IOS 10.1.1. But HipStore can be installed on the phone without downloading Cydia. You need to download the app and you will be able to access the paid content and this is also available for IOS 10.1.1.

Is HiPStore Officially Available?

As HiPStore is allowing you to download the paid content of IOS for free, it can not be available officially. So, you need to follow an unofficial path for downloading the HiPStore for your device. A step by step procedure is given. You just need to follow the simple procedure to enjoy the free services.

How to install HipStore for IOS 10/9.3/9.4/9.2.1/9.1/9.2/9:

This is the step by step procedure of installing HiPStore for iOS and iOS 11 on your device.

  • You need Safari browser for downloading HiPStore.
  • Download the Safari browser from the store which is free of cost.
  • Open the Safari browser and copy the link http://www.iosemulatorspot.com/cydia-alternatives.html on the search option.
  • IOSEmus will appear with the install button below it.
  • Click on the install button and wait for it to download.
  • Now you will observe the install button on the top right of the screen.
  • Click on that button when you will see “Install Profile Screen”.
  • Now you need to again click on the Install button that is present in the bottom of the screen.
  • Now click on Done.
  • Exit from this and come on the home screen of your phone.
  • Now you need to open the app IOSEmus by clicking on it.
  • Here you will find the paid apps.
  • Scroll down to find HiPStore ios 10.
  • Click on the Install option of HiPStore and install it on your device.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • After the completion of installation, you will find the symbol of the app on home screen.
  • Click on that and here you will find all the paid content free.
  • Enjoy the free services.


HiPStore for ios 10 and Hip store for iOS 11 is, however, illegal to use but a lot of users all around the world is using it and you can also use it for downloading various paid content of the IOS app store for free. You just need to download an app by following some simple steps and you are done. If you are facing any problem regarding its downloading then you can comment below. We will definitely help you out.

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