Keen Jailbreak Free Download For iOS

keen Jailbreaking iOS: keen Jailbreaking the iPhone devices has become necessary to get freedom from the tight policies of the Apple. In order to access the apps which are not in app store of apple, one has to keen jailbreak or hack the iPhone device. There are many jailbreaking software available for hacking the iPhone of which one is Keen Jailbreak. There are various reasons behind jailbreaking the iPhone which is as under

Features Of Keen Jailbreak:

  • Jailbreaking allows the user to customize the iOS device. One can change the theme of the device or can transform the iPhone into an android phone using Winterboard.
  • One can enhance lock screen of its device using the keen jailbreak. One can add Facebook, twitter mails to the notification panel of the lock screen.
  • Jailbreaking provides the facility of extending the control centre and adding more control options to it.
  • In order to add new animations, change system fonts, and unlock new features and apps, one has to jailbreak the iOS.
  • The iPhone doesn’t let the user to select third party apps as default app. But by using jailbreak one can select those apps also as default apps.
  • One can download the creative and useful apps which are not on the Apple app store using the keen  jailbreak. It also helps in locking individual apps using Apple ID.

Keen Jailbreak For iOS Devices:

Keen Jailbreak is made by the group of security research analysts. This group consists of the head of Alibaba Security and Liang Chen of Tencent Keen Lab. This team of security analysts, shown that the iOS 11 can be jailbroken during the Mobile Security Conference. The keen has been in the business of hacking for years. In the year 2014, they hacked the Adobe Flash of Windows in 15 seconds. The keen team consists of group of hackers who identify the vulnerabilities of the software and inform the software owners to safeguard the system. The keen is constantly working to find vulnerabilities in various iOS software to take the advantage of jailbreak it and provide the users to customize their iOS devices.

The Keen Jailbreak is compatible with almost all the recent iOS devices. Before Keen, there were few providers of jailbreak which can be used by very less proportion of iOS users. On the launch of Keen Jailbreak, previous providers have almost got disappeared. Keen was the only team to hack the iOS 10 which is considered as one of the difficult OS to hack. As the Keen Jailbreak can’t be launched directly, their team made use Cydia impactor to jailbreak the iOS 10.    

Download Keen Jailbreak in iOS:

In order to download Keen Jailbreak, one has to follow the steps as under;

  • Open the safari browser on your iOS device.
  • Then search for keen jailbreak using the search tool of the browser.
  • As soon as the search results are displayed, go to the official website of the Keen Jailbreak.
  • When the webpage gets loaded, click on the Up arrow.
  • Then, you get the list of options on the screen. Out of all these options, select Add to Home Screen option.
  • You would be asked to name the icon. Name it as keen and click on the Add button.
  • The Keen app will be added to your home screen.


Thus, Keen Jailbreak is developed by group of hackers who call themselves as security research analysts. The Keen team has been in the business of hacking for years. With the launch of their Keen Jailbreak, they made the other groups like Taig, PP, etc. to disappear from the market. They also jailbreak the iOS 10 which was considered to be very difficult to hack. Their  keen Jailbreak is compatible with all the recent iOS devices which is one of the unique advantage of this application.


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