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Yalu Jailbreak is a series of jailbreaks released by Luca Todesco specifically for iOS systems. The jailbreaks were initially released as an incomplete iOS 8.4.1 code sign and sandbox bypass, there were many improvements upon the initial version. The newest versions are released as Beta and support devices with up to iOS 10.1-10.1.1 providing additional support for a vast range of devices. check each and every detailed information on yalu jailbreak from here.

Yalu Jailbreak Download:

Being a beta version, the newest Yalu Jailbreak is imperfect and susceptible to errors. However, it is a very useful jailbreak feature for iOS and is one of the rarest publicly shared jailbreaks. The Yalu Jailbreak is mostly not public and it is strange that this time the jailbreak has been released in public which is quite surprising. However, it must be known that the jailbreak method is not un-tethered and is rather semi un-tethered. This means that this jailbreak is to be performed after each reboot of the device, but once the device is turned off, all features pertaining to the jailbreak is lost again. To perform this jailbreak an additional application called Cydia Impactor is needed.

Cydia is an app that enables an iOS user to install custom application streams and packages on jail broken iPhones and iPads. The Cydia Impactor is an application that provides the Graphic User Interface (GUI) environment for working with a jail broke iOS devices. It is available on the Windows, Linux, Android, Mac and iOS platforms and is a very useful tool for installing jailbreaks like Yalu on a wide range of iOS devices.

Yalu is just a basic jailbreak and not a replacement for properly rooted systems. The user must have access to the system root of an iOS device to place all the necessary software components. Most jailbreak apps tend to not work with the newest Yalu Jailbreak. There is also no support for iOS 10.2.

Things to do before Jailbreaking With Yalu Jailbreak:

The Yalu Jailbreak provides an optimized option for jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad but there remain certain things that need to be taken care of before jail breaking your iOS device.

Primarily Yalu is a beta jailbreak, which means it is probably full of bugs and very unstable. It is recommended only to an advanced user or a developer. Use great caution while installing this jailbreak.

Yalu is not like any other jailbreak. In fact, it is quite difficult to install. It requires the Cydia Impactor to be side loaded onto the memory and an Apple ID to run successfully.

How to install Yalu Jailbreak:

  •         Cydia Impactor software must be downloaded onto your Mac or PC.
  •         Download the .ipa file for Yalu Jailbreak installation.
  •         Using iTunes backup, take a backup of all your data. To do this, use the latest version of iTunes.
  •         Disable the Passcode and Touch ID if applicable by opening Settings>Touch ID & Passcode.
  •         Disable Find my iPhone/iPad settings from Settings>iCloud.
  •         Connect your device and detect it from a computer.
  •         Open Cydia Impactor and drag the .ipa file to the Cydia Impactor Workspace.
  •         Input your Apple ID and Password when the prompt appears.
  •         Do not disturb the setup and use Cydia to jailbreak your devices.
  •         When the process is finished open Settings>General>Profiles & Device Management.
  •         Locate the Yalu app and tap on trust.
  •         From the home screen, tap on the mach_portal icon and load it up.
  •         With each reboot, repeat the steps.

Yalu is a semi-tethered jailbreak and needs to be reinstalled each time the device is rebooted. Compatibility must be checked and verified that the device or OS is supported. Otherwise, your device might end up getting bricked. Finally, if you have taken care of the above-mentioned points, jailbreak your phone with Yalu Jailbreak but proceed with caution.



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